For 4

Argeers Music

Meet all, take each others woman by both hands, two slips to the left and two to the right, change places, turn your own once and a half. Meet again, turn each others woman to your places, turn your own. Men change places. women change places, set and turn single. women change places, men change places, set and turn single.
Lead each others woman to the left hand, fall a double back and turn your own, back all meet again, set and turn single. Men go to the right hand and back again, the woman going to the left, turn each others women. women meet and back, men go the single Hey and to your places.
Put each others woman back by both hands, slip to the right hand; fall down on the contrary side, set and turn single. Slip between each other to your places, put them backward and forward by both hands, set and turn single. One man cast off with the contrary woman the other following, then they cast off the other way, the other following to your places. Then half the single Hey, turn your own, fall all a breast to the presence.