A Souldiers Life

Longways for as many as will

A Souldiers Life music

Lead up all a double forward and back. Set and turn single. That again. First man set to his own woman then set to the second man, turn the second woman. Set to the second woman then to the third man. Turn to the third woman. Set to the third woman then to the fourth man, turn the fourth woman. Do thus to the last, your woman following you in the same manner. Every couple do thus.
First man lead his woman down a double then give his right hand to the second woman. While his woman does the like to the second man. Turn them and then turn your own with your left hand. The same forward till you come to the bottom.
First man go about the second woman while his woman doth the like to the second man. Them meet and go about one another and turn, taking hands. The same again till they come to the bottom.