Confesse, his Tune

Longways for 6 - w, m, w

Confesse music

Meet a double and back. That again. Men go between the women on their left, lead them out, change hands, meet again, turn them you meet. Lead your own women from each other, meet again, turn them as you meet.
All cross the room to the left. Back again. One man go forward alone, take one woman, then the others hands four and go round. The other man as much.
All cross the room to the right. Back again. The two women at each end lead to each wall, while one man goes up and one down. The women meet, hands and go round, the men turning single. As before the men hands and the women turn single.
Meet all as the first. Men lead the women at one end to the wall and back, while the other women go up on the outside and come each under the other arms and turn each other, men turning each woman. As much with the other women.