The Glory of the West

For 4

The Glory of the West music

Meet a double, open and close. Fall back a double, open and close. Men back, women turn single. Women back, men turn single. Men cross over, women cross over. Hands round and go half way to your places.
Side with the contrary women, set to them. As much with your own. Men turn off to the left and fall behind your women back to back, turn back to your places. Women as much. Change places round till you come to your own places. Take right hands a cross and go round to your places.
Arm as you sided. Men meet, women meet and give right hands a cross, men go under their arms to your own places. As much again women beginning. Men right hands to the contrary women then left to your own and fall into the contrary places, hands in a ring and go half round to your places, falling all a breast to the presence.