Kettle Drum

Round for 8

Kettle Drum music

Meet all and back. That again. Women meet giving their right hands, men meet giving their right hands, then turn every man his own woman by the right hand. Then men the left hand, women their left hands, then women turn their men by the left hand.
Side all. That again. The second couple meet and fall back, then the next couple meet and take each others woman by the right hand and fall into the contrary places. Then the other couple meet and fall back and the first the like. Then lead in, taking the women by the right hand and cast off to your places.
Arm all. That again. All join both hands with your women, swing with your hands all inward, then break off and turn back to back and kiss the contrary woman twice. Then swing with the contrary women all outwards, then break off your hands outward, then kiss your own and so rend.