Parsons farewell

For 4

Parsons farewell music

Meet all, four slips to the left hand. Back four slips to the right hand. Men rise once, women rise once, rise once all four times, turn each others woman.
Meet all, lead each others woman a double to the left hand. Change hands, meet again, take your own woman to your place. Men meet, cross right hands, then left pass over, turn each others woman with your right hand, cross to your place again and turn your own. Women as much with the contrary hands.
Take your own by both hands and meet with four slips, take the contrary woman four slips to the left hand. Meet again, take your own to your place. Turn your own with your right hand, men cross and the single Hey to the contrary side and turn your own with the left hand., Women cross and the single Hey to your places and turn your own.