Playford dance pages.

English Country Dance Links


Society for Creative Anachronism Music and Dance Homepage by Greg Lindahl

A collection of cheat-sheets for dances as done in the SCA.


ABC music sources

English Dancing Master The music for The English Dancing Master first edition in ABC format.
Ceolas celtic link Ceolas is the number one information service for Celtic music on the Internet. We are an independent, voluntary organization, dedicated to promoting Celtic music by supplying information on all aspects of the genre through the Internet.

ABC software sources

ABC home page THE source of ABC music notation. The site is maintained by Chris Walshaw the originator of the ABC system. The web-wide tune index is over 750k in length with over 6000 listed tunes.
An easy to use program for displaying ABC music on PCs. This software is very good at displaying and printing sheet music. However it plays the tunes through the PCs internal speaker NOT the sound card.
ABCmus ABCMUS is a program for tunebooks in ABC format, created by Henrik Norbeck. This software plays the music through the computer's sound card or MIDI interface.
ABC4mac - A program to display ABC music on the Mac.

Mac users. If you use either of the above Mac products, please drop us a line and tell us how well they work.