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Merrie Pryankster Schedule - 2010

For general information please contact our director


There are weekly rehearsals in Davis, CA, and twice monthly rehearsals in Alameda and San Ramon.

Location Schedules Contact
Alameda 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 7:30p - 9:30p or
San Ramon 2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 7:30p - 9:30p
Davis Thursdays, 6:30p - 9:00p

Events and Performances

For a complete list of Renaissance Fairs we recommend The Directorie of Renaissance Faires. Scroll down to the California Faires.

Web Site Mappe Weather When What and Where
Web Site Map Weather February 20 - 21 Renaissance Symposium, Doubletree Hotel, Modesto
Web Site Map Weather March 13 - 14 Sonora (previously Calaveras) Celtic Faire, Mother Lode Fairgrounds, Sonora.
 Web Site Map Weather April 17 UC Davis Picnic Day, UC Davis
 Web Site Map Weather May 1 - 2 Shasta Dragonwood Celtic Renaissance Festival, Anderson
 Web Site Map Weather June 5 - 6 & 12 - 13 Valhalla Renaissance Festival, near Richardson's Resort (2.5 miles north of South Lake Tahoe, CA)
 Web Site Map Weather June 26 - 27 Fair Oaks Tudor Fayre, Fair Oaks Community Park, Fair Oaks & Madison, Fair Oaks, CA
 Web Site Map Weather August 8 - 9 Willits Renaissance Faire, Recreation Grove Park, East Commercial & South Lenore, Willits, CA
 Web Site Map Weather September 11 - 12 Adrenwood Shakespeare Festival and Renaissance Faire, Ardenwood Historic Farm, Fremont, CA
 Web Site Map Weather October 16 - 17 Folsom Renaissance Faire, City Park of Folsom, Natoma & Stafford, Folsom, CA

The Northern California Renaissance Fair will be held on weekends from September 11 thru October 17 at Casa de Fruta, 10031 Pacheco Pass Hwy, (Cal Hwy 152), 13 miles East of Gilroy.  The Great Dickens Christmas Fair will be held on weekends from the friday after Thanksgiving through the sunday before Christmas at the Cow Palace Exhibition Halls, 2600 Geneva Avenue, Daly City. The Merrie Pryanksters will not be at either of these Fairs in an official capacity, though many of our members will be participating.

Pryankster Parties and special Rehearsals

When Where
February 6 Dave & Ellen's house in Oakley. Rehearsal and Business Meeting.
February 27 Davis Gear clean-up
March 6 San Ramon.
April 3 Alameda.
May 15 Davis.
July 10 TBA
August 28 TBA
October 2 Davis.
November 6 Davis Gear clean-up
December 17 Winter Bash 2010 at Dave & Ellen's (social event)

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